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Will the Social Security Administration Spy On Me?

Through a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim, a disabled individual can apply for financial compensation to support themselves and their family. The Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews claims very carefully—closely checking to confirm that the applicant actually qualifies for SSDI or SSI benefits. 

This raises an important question: Does the SSA conduct surveillance on people who file disability claims? The short answer is that the SSA typically does not “spy” on people—but they do have authority to review their actions as part of the continued review process. In this blog post, our Arkansas SSDI attorneys explain the key things to know about SSA surveillance in disability claims.   

The SSA Generally Does Not Hire Private Investigators to Follow People

You may have heard some horror stories about how private disability insurance companies hire investigators to follow people around to make sure that they are really disabled. In other words, these insurers effectively spy on people. 

In general, that is not how the Social Security Administration (SSA) operates. If you file a claim for SSDI benefits or SSI benefits, it is very rare that the SSA will go outside of the claim file itself to evaluate your case. The SSA typically does not hire private investigators. 

Times are Changing: Beware of What You Share on Social Media

Historically, the SSA and its local partners—such as the Arkansas Disability Determination For Social Security Administration—have stuck largely to the actual claim file. They review the applicant’s medical record, vocational records, and other relevant information. That being said, there have been some important changes in recent years. 

As reported by CBS News, the SSA is slowly increasing its use of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media reviews. If you are filing a claim for SSDI or SSI benefits, be careful about what you post on social media. Make sure you have the proper privacy settings in place. 

Do Not Be Paranoid—But Be Aware of Your Conduct

You do not need to be paranoid if you are filing for or receiving Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. The SSA neither has the resources nor the desire to spy on you or conduct overly invasive surveillance. At the same time, the agency is highly concerned about Social Security disability fraud. 

Going for a walk in the park while receiving Social Security disability benefits is not going to cause you problems—especially if you are following your doctor’s orders. Though, participating in physically taxing activities that are far outside of what you claimed to be capable of doing in your Social Security disability application could cause problems. 

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