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Can You Work and Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

Many Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) beneficiaries face a dilemma. Although their condition might be improving, they are not well enough to begin working full time. Unfortunately, if they start working even part-time, they fear that the government will cut off their benefits. What can they do? Thankfully, the Social Security Administration (SSA) allows SSDI …

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Common Questions Asked In Social Security Interviews

Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) helps offset lost income if you are unable to work due to an injury, illness, or ongoing medical condition expected to last a year or longer. Unfortunately, there are numerous hurdles you will need to face when applying for benefits. One of these is a Social Security interview. Our Rogers …

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COVID-19 Impact on Social Security Claims

Over the last two years, the COVID-19 virus has caused public health and economic disruptions all around the world. According to data provided by the Arkansas Department of Public Health, there have been more than 800,000 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the state as of February of 2022. Even as the country continues to remove …

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